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Eastvale: Your Next Travel Destination

Where will you travel next? Eastvale is a good choice for many reasons. The city is part of Riverside County, CA, which was originally a dairy farm back in the 1990s. Eastvale was incorporated on October 1, 2010. There is a total population of 69,757 in this town. 

Eastvale has a total area of 13.1 square miles and a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. Visiting Eastvale is best during the months of May, June, and October. It is part of the Corona-Norco Unified School District, having seven elementary schools, two intermediate schools, and one high school.

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What’s In It For You in Eastvale

River Walk Park

Take time to tour around River Walk Park. A wide variety of activities are available to do with the big space provided. The park contains various equipment that includes some fitness equipment and frisbee golf and crying. There are picnic areas and a playground for kids to enjoy.

Yanks Air Museum - Zappa Deck Builders Eastvale, CA

Yanks Air Museum

For a person who is an aviation fanatic, the Yanks Air Museum is a must see. It is located near Chico and is home to one of the world’s largest aircraft collections.

Corona Heritage Park and Museum

Find a series of buildings made in the 1900s which are still looking attractive for visitors today. Here, you will find the 1904 Ranche House, a gift shop, an arts colony, and so much more.

Corona Heritage Park and Museum - Zappa Deck Builders Eastvale, CA

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Waste no more space in your front or back yard. We can transform it into an amazing piece of land with the deck of your dreams. It’s easier now that you have Zappa Deck Builders around, serving the Eastvale and the surrounding cities and towns. We build decks, porches, patios, pergolas, and many more that are meant to last.

Just like our reputation, which has remained respected and dependable, our creations are made with stylish designs and sturdy foundations. We’ll never let anything spoil your desire for a functional deck that is an extension of your kitchen or living room. Our professional deck builders are highly trained to perform deck building services using only the most modern tools and equipment to provide effective solutions.

Let’s make it happen. Together, we will build and design a deck the way you have envisioned it to be. Enjoy time with friends and family without worrying about where to do it. We’ll make your deck the perfect venue for all occasions. Contact us today!

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