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Jurupa Valley: A One-of-a-kind Destination

Get ready for an adventure like no other. Jurupa Valley is waiting for your exploration. Jurupa Valley is a part of Riverside County and is about 50 miles east of Los Angeles. The city covers a total area of 43.5 square miles and has a total population of 105,053 in the 2020 census.

The name Jurupa Valley was first used as early as 1887 and originated from Rancho Jurupa, which was a ranch granted to Don Juan Bandini during the Mexican era in 1838. Its incorporation was put before a vote, from which it had 54% “yes” and 46% “no”. The long awaited incorporation occurred officially on July 1, 2011.

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Why Stay in Jurupa

Galleano Winery

A family-owned winery that offers the finest quality of wines. They are operating during office/business hours to allow orders for pickup to be collected by customers themselves. The Galleano Winery has got the right combinations of flavors, making it a favorite for everyone. It is the oldest winery in Riverside County.

Galleano Winery - Zappa Deck Builders Jurupa Valley, CA

Jensen Alvarado Historic Ranch and Museum

A structure built by a former sea-captain by the name Cornelius Jensen and his wife, Mercedes Alvarado. The ranch preserves the beauty of life on the farm in the 1870s. It covers 30 acres of land and is now open for visitors who can tour the farmland, orchards, and see the resident farm animals.

The Valley Patch Market

People who love local produce like vegetables and fruits will surely enjoy being in this place. Fresh cherries, oranges, apples, and more await you here! Be sure to check this one out for a memorable market adventure. The market is located at Pats Ranch Road, Jurupa Valley.

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