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Break free from the indoor boredom with awesome hardscapes!

Extending your living room to the outside area is a great way to make your daily life more interesting. In a practical sense, patios and hardscapes provide limitless options and add aesthetic value to your backyard. This also necessitates low upkeep. Convert the barren section of your backyard into an extended space so you can host a small dinner or party.

Our team at Zappa Deck Builders has extensive experience building patios and hardscapes. Our goal is to provide you with an extraordinary extended outdoor space while also giving your life a new routine. Our team works on great designs, shades and other structural modifications to accommodate what you want to do with your space.

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Hardscape and Patio

A hardscape feature is an important part of creating a magnificent landscape. It creates an outdoor space close to your garden or softscapes without the hassle of upkeep. The key to building a good hardscape is the materials used and how they are designed to complement your landscape. Our team will work hard to create one that is suitable for the activities you enjoy. If you’re having trouble deciding on materials, we’ll help you in selecting the most amazing combinations that don’t require a lot of regular care.


By adding a walkway, you can elevate your walk to the backyard or the pool. It not only provides a clear path for walking, but it also adds aesthetic value to your entire landscape. Zappa Deck Builders always has amazing and creative yard transformation ideas, including deck restoration. With our walkway installation service, every step through your backyard will be well planned.


We’ve all seen how a driveway can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. When it comes to adding a driveway, there are many factors to consider, such as the style, color, pattern, and overall design. However, you should not lose sight of the driveway’s ultimate goal, which is to create a stunning entrance that can withstand the weight of your vehicle. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us and we’ll discuss how to construct a driveway that suits your preferences.

Zappa Deck Builders Outdoor Fireplace Ontario CA

Outdoor Fireplace

As we all enjoy relaxing outside with our friends, chilly nights may be a little distracting. Adding a fireplace or a fire pit on your patio or hardscape would be an incredible move.  Many of our clients request us to design a hardscape with a fire feature. You know it’s a good outdoor fireplace when it’s done by Zappa Deck Builders.

Material Options for Your Hardscapes

Choosing an appropriate material is one of the most important aspects of a good hardscape. Our team always recommends the option that corresponds to how you envision the addition to be. We also help you get creative with the design and make sure that you are aware of the progress of the work. Zappa Deck Builder typically works on these materials when our clients request them:

Brick Design Zappa Deck Builders Ontario CA


Concrete Patio Zappa Deck Builders Ontario CA


Gravel Flooring Service Ontario CA Zappa Deck Builders


Loose Stone


Solid Stone Patio Ontario CA Zappa Deck Builders

Solid Stone

Tile Services Ontario CA Zappa Deck Builders


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