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Decking Materials – Wood vs. Composite

Both a deck renovation and installation project involve deciding whether to use wood or composite. For newbie homeowners, this can be a tough question to answer as both materials seem promising in many ways. The information you’ll find below may guide you in choosing between these two materials for decking by listing and discussing each of their pros and cons.

Wood for Decking

Wood for Decking - Zappa Deck Builders

In the old days, wood is the one and only option for building a deck. Its appearance, durability, and price seemed right, and homeowners loved it. However, no matter desirable it may be, wood has some drawbacks to consider. Below is a list of pros and cons for wood decking:


· Affordable installation

As expected, wood remains the most affordable alternative if a composite material is too pricey. You can stay within your budget by choosing to have a wood deck, which costs half as much as a composite. A pressure-treated pine deck, cedar, and redwood are your options for a nice wood deck.

· Natural and more stylish-looking

For decades, wood has proven to have the best natural look for a deck. Above all, wood is preferred by many homeowners because of its ease of access and the authentic look it adds to the curb appeal of any home.

· Good insulation

With the changing of seasons that bring hot and cold temperatures, it’s important to find a material that isn’t easily affected by the weather. Wood becomes more popular, particularly during the summer because it does not absorb heat even in direct sunlight. It also absorbs water from the rain or the melting snow.


· Requires regular maintenance

To get the most out of the good looks that a wood deck offers you must maintain it. Regular maintenance includes staining, sealing, or painting. Doing this will protect the wood from extreme temperatures, moisture, and pests that could harm your family if left untreated.

· Susceptible to warp or splinter

Splinters are natural to wood. It’s the result of the constant change in the temperature and moisture in the area.

Composite for Decking

This modern version of wood materials used for decking offers some new advantages but still contains some disadvantages. Check the list below for the pros and cons of composite decking.

Composite for Decking - Zappa Deck Builders


· Less maintenance

Because composite decks are made with small wood fibers that are covered with plastic, general maintenance is as simple as washing or sweeping it every now and then rather than painting or sealing.

· More color options

It comes in a variety of colors, making it easier to match the exterior of your home.

· Environmentally-friendly

Composites are highly admired by homeowners because they’re eco-friendly. In fact, they are made of recycled wood and plastic. With composite decking, no tree needs to be cut down, which involves less emission of pollutants due to the global transport of tons of forest wood almost every day.


· More expensive

The durability you get from composites comes with a price. Unlike wood decks, composite decks could cost 15 to 20 percent more than the price of pressure-treated wood. The amount you pay initially for the price of a composite deck, however, will be paid off because composite decks have a lifespan of up to 50 years.

· Not completely maintenance-free

To maintain its beauty and durability, too, composites require you to also do some maintenance. Sweeping and dirt or debris and occasionally washing it is necessary to maintain the life and safety of the deck.

Building a Deck Made Fast and Easy

Decks that stand strong and beautiful for many years are decks built by our professionals at Zappa Deck Builders. Whether it’s wood or composite, your deck is in good hands. As a leading deck building contractor in the Zappa area, we offer years of experience in the business and unparalleled top-quality results. Our creations prove that it’s not always about the material used in building a deck, porch, or patio, but also about the craftsmanship of the experts you hire.

Building a Deck Made Fast and Easy - Zappa Deck Builders

Explore new possibilities for your outdoor living space. Make memories with family and friends on your custom deck. Aside from deck building, our professionals are also trained to perform other services like deck repair and replacement, porch design and installation, porch repair and replacement, patios and hardscapes, pool decks, as well as shade structures and pergolas.

Let’s team up to prepare the most suitable plan for a safe, durable, and attractive extension of your living area. We make sure to include your insights, needs, and wants in the design. Your satisfaction is our top priority! Ready to start your backyard transformation? Contact us now at 909-787-2759.

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