How Often Should Your Deck Be Resealed?

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To have your dream deck standing in perfect shape is a truly relaxing and fulfilling feeling. In fact, decks are one of a homeowner’s top investments. The secret to maintaining that luxuriously stunning look of your deck is proper maintenance and staining.

Decks are exposed to a mixture of elements outdoors, such as the rain, the sun, the snow, and the constantly changing climate. Thus, these things cause the deck to weaken depending on the type of material and its age. Every deck deserves some TLC, so why not have a professional deck builder check your deck and fix whatever needs to be fixed.

When to Stain a New Deck

When to Stain a New Deck - Zappa Deck Builders Chino, CA

You may wonder how often you should stain your deck. Staining your deck is not only vital for the aesthetics of your outdoor extension but also for the safety of your family. A new deck may be more complicated to maintain and stain than an older deck.

New decks need to dry out first before applying any finish or paint. Yet, new wooden decks require a regular coat of paint or stain. New decks need to dry out for at least 30 days before applying any paint or stain. You may choose to apply finish right after it is constructed. But, be aware that it would mean doing it more than once.

How Often Should I Paint My Deck?

How Often Should I Paint My Deck - Zappa Deck Builders Chino, CA

As part of the maintenance process for decks, staining and painting them should be done when you see any sign of peeling, bubbling, or flaking. Should you use paint or stain? Experts in deck building do not suggest the use of paint, especially on wood. Paint has the tendency to cause wood to expand or shrink, depending on how much it is exposed to the elements. That is also why paint bubbles over time.

Another reason that paint isn’t really meant to be applied for decks is that it creates wear and tear after the deck has been exposed 24/7 to the weather outside. The yearly maintenance that you

perform on your wood deck that’s already been painted should include slightly sanding the surface and painting the parts where there is peeling.

How to Stain Older Decks

How to Stain Older Decks - Zappa Deck Builders Chino, CA

Your decks should receive proper maintenance and staining every two to three years if you desire to preserve its beauty and durability. For that, watch out for some of the signs that tell your deck needs staining, which include:

– There is mildew and mold buildup.

– Stain color has worn off.

– Water gets into the deck boards.

Staining your wood deck should be uniform to all of its parts. When you stain one part, make sure to stain all the other parts with the same material and frequency as well. If you see that there is an area in your deck that wears or fades faster in some parts, you’ll have to reseal the entire deck.

Likewise, when choosing the paint to use for your deck, choose the oil-based type because it penetrates wood well enough and because it serves as your wood deck’s protection against any waters trying to get inside. Stain the horizontal surfaces first before anything else because that is the part that is often exposed to the elements.

Deck Maintenance and Staining Experts in Ontario, CA

Deck Maintenance and Staining Experts - Zappa Deck Builders Chino, CA

Simple as it may seem to you, deck maintenance is a task done better by experts. Otherwise, staining applied without proper skills and training can cause your deck to be ruined and unsafe to use. If you are thinking about hiring professionals in deck maintenance and staining, keep one name in mind: Zappa Deck Builders. We have been serving the town and surrounding area for over a decade.

Our expert deck painters have come across different types of decks that needed maintenance, repairs, and resealing services to which we have provided the perfect solution. We consider the type of material used for your deck in choosing the right type of paint to apply. Our team of highly-skilled deck builders will be there, too, to perform repairs in the parts where it is needed. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial deck building service you require, we’ll be here to assist.

Staining and resealing are just some of the services we do best. You can come to us or call us at 909-787-2759 when you require deck design and installation, deck repair and restoration, porch design and installation, among others. We’ve got the most capable deck builders and painters on our team who can help you anytime.

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