The Pros and Cons of Decks versus Porches

Can’t decide whether a deck and a porch are worth installing on your home? With the extra space in your backyard or front yard, those two are definitely the perfect choices to add a personal touch to your home. However, certain factors also need to be considered to know which one is better than the other. Homeowners, for instance, will have varied opinions on this.

Some want the living space outside to be in the back for more privacy, while others prefer it to be in front so they can enjoy the view. Whichever is your pick on this, looking at the pros and cons of a deck and a porch is still worth your time.

Pros and Cons of a Deck


· Increases the value of your property. Real estate experts agree that wooden decks become an asset to any home and instantly add up to 76% to its initial value. This is so much higher than when making an indoor renovation.

· More versatile. This is more applicable to uneven terrains or whatever type of land your home is in. You can build a deck securely, including in unproportioned yards.

· Provides a better view outdoors. One reason the value of your home increases when a wooden deck is installed is because it actually gives you a better view outdoors. The fact that a deck is positioned above the ground provides a better view.

· A very comfy place to relax on a warm day. That wooden deck can serve an amazing purpose for your family, especially in the summer. It can help lessen the heat because it absorbs it.

· Pet and child-friendly. Tripping and falling among children can be avoided with your deck made of composite materials. This type of deck has simulated woodgrain.


· Needs more maintenance. Decks made of certain materials like wood may require more maintenance than a porch. You may need to refinish, seal, and power wash it every now and then to prevent the collapse of your deck due to moisture build-up.

Deck Maintenance - Zappa Deck Builders Chino CA

· Needs a permit for construction. Some towns require a building permit for a deck before you can actually go on with its construction. While waiting for it to be processed, you will need to be patient and have the money to pay for the fees.

· Very pricey. An average high-end deck built using any material is $30 which can be more expensive than others.

· There’s a weight limit. A deck can only take a specific weight that usually depends on the materials used and the other features you have added to it, like a hot tub or a fire pit, etc.

Pros and Cons of a Porch


· Less need for maintenance. Porches don’t need regular maintenance but only once in a while.

· Improves curb appeal. Since it is located in front of your house, visitors and passersby get to see it first, too, which may leave them either a good or a bad impression about you. Beautifying this area can truly add to making your home more attractive and luxurious.

· Easy to construct using any material. A porch can be built with any material available, can support weight, and survive the harsh weather conditions outdoors.

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· More secured. Your home is safer from intruders when you have a good porch. It blocks unknown people from reaching your door and directly entering your home.


· Easily affected by outdoor elements. Open porches are prone to disasters brought about by the elements outside, like rainstorms, wind, and sunlight.

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· Not allergen-resistant. Family members and visitors who have allergies may still suffer when sitting on an open porch.

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Deck versus Porch

Regardless of if you want a deck or a porch, what’s more important is how it is built and who made it. The selection of materials is based on your taste and your budget, but you can also seek help from experts to ensure the safety of its installation. Any outdoor extensions can only be as good as the people working on them and the plan they made for building them.

Outstanding Professional Deck Builders of Zappa, CA

It has been more than a decade since our reputable deck building services contractor began and we continue to provide first-class decks, porches, patios, pergolas, and more to the community. Zappa Deck Builders was established just in time for homeowners to finally discover the beauty of nature outdoors. We have made many families appreciate the relaxation and comfort that staying outside to breathe some fresh air brings.

If you are looking for a contractor you can entrust your outdoor extension with, look no further! Our professionals are here to help transform your backyard into a paradise where you can spend time sipping your favorite coffee and chatting with your family. As residents of Zappa ourselves, the climate in the area is very familiar to us and we can easily tell which materials will last if used to build your outdoor living space.

Rest assured that once we create your deck, you’ll never have to worry about accidents or any issues regarding the durability and safety of our work. We make no mistakes in the designing, planning, and installation of your new deck or porch, as we highly value your trust in us performing this task. We also offer deck and porch repair and restoration services. Whenever you are ready to get started, you can reach us at 909-787-2759.

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